My feet thunder against the ground. Anger glows from my wide open eyes. My face is twisted into a mask of the purest of hate and frustration. This appearance of almost rabid frenzy culminates as I sprint towards my destination. As my shoes touch these stones that form the national centre of power my transformation is compete. I enter a state of Viking-like berserkergang and every muscle in my body contracts as my loathing of this place turns into a coarse and ferocious roar. NUKADETKRAFÆDEMEVÆRENOK!

Sometimes I dream of things like this. Mostly when I am barely awake and the news on the radio remind me that mostly everything in this country is going in the wrong direction. It fills me with a loathing of politicians and every other public institution so strong that I am on the verge of storming down to Christiansborg and screaming until I am dragged away or worse.

The democratic tyrants, elected fairly.
Concerned with our welfare
It's a circus of sycophants
whose kind is the most decadent.
Power like Hannibal’s elephants,
used only to raze
the lives of strangers
in a xenophobic craze.

I just can't see modern politics as anything else than powerful people using their power to gain more power. It seems like power for the sake of power. Every time the incompetent social democratic government do anything, I end up seeing it as another desperate attempt at doing something popular; getting a single win on the scoreboard. And right from the start it looks like it's going to end horribly by crippling some part of the system. Most days it seems like politics is just about doing populist things for the sake of winning the next election in stead of doing something that would actually help people.
And most of all, I don't see any sort of empathy between politicians and the objects of their power.
Take for example the recent trouble with the school reform. I don't know the average age on Christiansborg, but I know they didn't go to school yesterday. And it seems so apathetic to take away the childhood of a generation by making the mandatory school system a full-time occupation. It's just not the way children should be raised, like something out of The Stolen Spring by Hans Scherfig. They should have time to play. To make friends and to enjoy their young lives.
But I don't want to go into that specific case. My point is much more general; that the ruling elite of the country is more concerned with being re-elected than with the people they are supposed to take care of. That is at least the impression that I get mostly. This is also seen in the way politicians talk about some of the poorest in our society, the unoccupied. They are time and time again being denounced as lazy for not having a job. I can't understand that way of seeing other living, acting and loving human beings as simply lazy and unwilling to participate in Our Great Society. And what makes this much more incredible, is that we have just experienced an economical recession.

“In economics, a recession is a business cycle contraction, a general slowdown in economic activity.”
-Wikipedia article on Recession

When looking at the above definition, it seems to be a very obvious consequence of a recession that there will be a certain degree of unemployment. So how can politicians blame people for not having jobs that simply don't exist?
And that is exactly the kind of apathy that I see everywhere in the current debates.

I don't want to go into some marxist pseudo-intellectual description of the ruling classes and how they will always be apathetic towards the proletariat. That kind of thinking is purely ideology and is only true if you accept it as true. Like how everything looks like the will of God if you chose that perception of reality. There are some very good thoughts in socialism, but it is not a science.

The real problem is that everything that is being done on a political level seems to be argued for and sold to the people as grim necessities. We must wage war in the Middle East, or there will be war in our countries. We must institutionalize our children further if we wish to avoid being economically overtaken by the Chinese. Stauning or Chaos! But the reality is that there are lots of possibilities and ways that we can avoid these scare stories and worst-case scenarios. And the worst-case scenarios are often blown completely out of proportions, crafting a public illusion of being close to genocide and slavery. What we in the western world need is not optimism, but simply realism; to put things into perspective. I believe it wouldn't be too wrong to say that for our part of the world, it is not famine and destruction that the future brings us. And I think that we need to think more clearly and avoid the hysteria that the media so easily generates. That way, we would also be more likely to help the parts of the world that actually has to deal with death, famine, pestilence and war.

But some days. Just some days.
It seems like no-one is on the good side. Like some mass psychosis is going on. Nobody is thinking rationally. And we put these people in charge. It just feels so... disillusioning. And there doesn’t seem to be any obvious solution. The only choice left is how we deal with it. Accept or loathing.
The actual options at the next election, doesn't seem much like a choice at all. More like
Plague or cholera.
Right-wing or left-wing.
Liberalism or social democracy.
The people I don't agree with at all or a bunch of incompetent fools.
How is this a choice? It seems more like something Kirkegaard would have written.

Marry, and you will regret it; don't marry, you will also regret it; marry or don't marry, you will regret it either way.“
-Søren Kirkegaard. Either/Or: An Ecstatic Discourse

Vote Helle Thorning, and you will regret it...
I'm simply not going to vote in the next election. That way, I'll also have the right to complain about politics the following four years. But that conclusion is just so depressing. Like coming to terms with a tragedy. A final surrender. I really wish someone would convince me that there is hope for us. But who can do that? Who can point the way?

Shit... This really ended on a flat note and I hate it. But how else can I describe my perception of current politics? One day I'm about to declare a bloody revolution and the other I'm too tired of the shit to even look at the news much less think about them. Some days it just feels like the entire world has gone insane. And to be perfectly clear; I don't think a revolution or riots would do much more than get people hurt and things destroyed. Things like that is just as brutal and inhumane as war. It is an absolutely last resort. And I don't think we're there yet. We aren't even close to moving towards that. But Shakespeares Marcellus was right about the State of Denmark. And he still is.