A short journey jittery with jazz, jubilation and joy.

Walking down the streets
- dancing stumbling waving half drunk
with some sort of feeling
i can't really put my finger on.

Wombling and stalking into the super market.
Waving my arms 'round in a slow, lazy dancetrance.
Eyes half shut.
Cant stand completely upright.
Get the this get the that get out of my musical hat.
Feeling fresh after being tired
feeling slumped, hope to be admired.
I stand in line I stand with these swine.

I'm not high, twisted - never done that kind of thing. Never really needed either - couldn't see the point.
I feel something pounding in my chest - that is not my heart. I think there's a gland in there - producing unlimited happiness and love.

I smile at your child, hope nothing bad would ever happen, to your lovely little boy.
If you're not careful I might hug you, and cry sugary tears of joy.
I need to suppress my urge to tickle you, and yell how much I love humanity.

I think I might vomit honey.