God lives. We have elected him.

I think there is a god.
or someone 'bout his size.
Who watches over us, with all-seeing eye
And detects it when you lie.

And we owe to him everything,
for he decides, if we live or die
And he will smite his enemies
with godly thunder from the sky

And he protects me from evil
and keep the demons in a bay.
And supplies us with black gold.
So that our economy, does not decay.

It would be wise to love him
and hope he loves you in return
for if you don't, the other cheek turn
chances are, in Guantanamo Hell, you will burn.

And should you dare, his systems to hack
he will smite you, with a drone attack.
It would be wise to love him
And on him, never turn your back.

I think there is a god
or someone 'bout his size
for compared to this ruler
we are none but mice.

Our Father in Washington,
hallowed be your name.
Your kingdom is here,
your will be done.