And they created a blog. And there was much rejoice.

Well... Here goes.

Hello World.

Well I guess we should get to it. Seeing as this is our first blog, we might as well introduce ouselves. My name is Jonas, and the long haired dude next to me is Zander.

Oh god this is awkward. Sort of like the first sexual experience. Awkward and clumsy. We don't know what the hell we're doing.

So there's all this crap flowing around' the internet.. we though we might add some..

Generally, this is not going to be some angsty navelgazing "my life is interesting" blog. We know exactly how boring our lives are. We are after all, writing a blog. On this blog, you will find post-modern crap for any taste, [providing you have the same taste as we do.] like literary experiments, musings on our modern lives and rants about the Danish society anno 201x. Oh yeah, forgot that. We're Danes; horrible food, vikings, nationalism and all that. Some of the posts here are going to be in Danish, sorry in advance. We'll try to keep as much of it in English (and pretend that more than 12 people is going to read this.).

Well... I guess that qualifies for a first post (?).